How to Get a Fast PC


You probably already know that you can't possibly have a fast PC with a bunch of tracking cookies and spyware running. You may rely on your antivirus software to find them but removing them is another story. You should look into a good spyware removal program that will remove the bad stuff while leaving the cookies you want, or your frequently visited websites. Managing your cookies and spyware can start you on a road to a fast PC!

AntiVirus Software

Your antivirus program can sometimes get in the way of a speedy PC. It would seem that an antivirus program would give you a fast PC, but often it is the opposite. Antivirus programs often install a bunch of stuff that you don't really need. The best way to fix this is to uninstall your antivirus (get your product key first!) and reinstall it with custom install. Only put the products you want on your PC.

Temp Files

If you play games or watch videos or listen to music, pretty soon you won't have a fast PC anymore. Every time you play any of these things it stores temporary files onto your hard drive. You need to find that folder and remove them. Temporary files are a sure way to slow down your computer, so this must be done often.

Windows Registry

Your registry is often the key culprit that turns optimal performance into a slow one. In order to have a fast PC again you will need to clean out your registry of old, unused files, corrupted files, unwanted files, everything that is not allowing your former fast PC to run at optimum speed. A good registry cleaner is the way to go. Don't try to find it and do it yourself because ultimately you can damage your computer. One wrong move in the registry can turn your computer into a nightmare of errors. A good registry cleaner can be downloaded and you should expect to pay anywhere from about $20 to $120.



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