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Speedy PC Pro will do the following:

  • Boosts PC Performance
  • Maximizes Internet Speed
  • Cleans up Bloated PC
  • Runs Quietly in the Background
  • Prevents Computer Crashes
  • Speeds up System Start
  • Declutters Windows Registry
  • PC Scan
  • Fixes Runtime Errors
  • Resolves Memory Issues
  • Speeds up Internet Explorer

Mark Watson, PC Technician

Slow PC giving you a headache?

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your computer to bootup or run a program. Yes, your fast computer you purchased a long time ago is now slow and buggy.

As with all computers, as time goes by your PC finally becomes overloaded with applications, programs, and software in which a majority is not needed. These culprits take up precious PC resources and slow your computer down. Most of these issues lie with your computer's Windows Registry.

What is a Registry?

The heart of your computer is the Windows Registry. It is the command center that oversees all operations running on your PC. A bloated registry can cause:
  • Sluggish System Performance
  • PC crashing and freezing
  • Application stalls and error messages

Your Computer Needs a Deep Cleansing

In the same way that you get scheduled maintenance on your car, periodic scanning and cleaning your computer's registry is essential for peak performance.

"I found over 403 errors..."

PC HealthBoost makes it simple to scan your computer and get rid of excess junk that is slowing your PC down. Take it for a test drive, it takes about 2 minutes to scan your Registry. You might be in for a shock at what it finds. Just click the button below and follow instructions. Your computer will thank you!


Speedy PC Pro Highlights

CPU Manager
Smart feature that monitors your CPU usage and ensures that computer processes do not hog your memory and resources to slow down performance and program speed.

Manage Windows Startup
Ever wonder why it takes your PC to startup? Many times it is mainly because of the sheer number of programs and applications that are programed to startup with your PC. PC HealthBoost offers a nifty feature to manage this more effectively. You get to pick and choose which programs startup and which ones don't. This is key to making a fastcomputer!

Software Start Up Booster
Some programs can be a headache to launch. This program gives each program startup an extra boost to generate a faster load time and get your program up and running without the wait. Slow computer no more!

Font Entries
Many application errors in Word processing are a result of corrupt font entries located on your computer's registry. These mismanaged entries make your fast computer a slow one. PC HealthBoost fixes these entries to make your PC more efficient.

Removes Invalid Entries
Invalid entries on your registry can cause all sorts of issues. This takes up your PC's valuable resources making it slow and buggy. PC HealthBoost has a deep cleansing mechanism to find those unwanted entries and remove them from your system.

Thumbnail Generator
When browsing your file manager, PC HealthBoost caches your thumbnail images for quicker load time of your files and folders. This gives you a quicker and seamless performance of using your computer.

The above are just some of PC HealthBoost's features.

With nothing to lose, what are you waiting for? Give PC HealthBoost a test drive for a lightening fast computer... just click the button below now!

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